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Playground Plans

Dear Francisco Park Supporters,

“Growing up” happens in a lot of different ways and in a lot of different places. And while we’re all continuously growing – regardless of our age – the act of “growing up” often starts when we’re small: the first time we ride our bike without training wheels, the first dollar we earn at a lemonade stand, the first time we raise our hand in a classroom, and of course – during our first trips to the playground.

We are incredibly excited to share with you the first peek at the designs for the Larsen/Lam Playground. It will be a special place in Francisco Park where children can run, climb and play – and we’re happy to see this vision brought to life.

The Larsen/Lam Playground will incorporate a variety of features, including a boulder labyrinth, large Redwood trunk, balance area, three-bay swing, embankment slides, net spinner and climbing grips. It will also feature picnic tables to ensure you have the perfect front-row seat to watch your little ones (and snap the photos that will prove keepsakes later).

These times have led many of us to reconsider just how important it is to spend time outside, and with California playgrounds recently allowed to reopen mid-October, kids can, once again, experience the joy of the playground.

If you have not yet supported, we’re still counting on you. Our Stair Campaign is continuing until November 30 (or until stairs run out!) and is a great way to quite literally leave your mark through a dedication etched into the park stairs.

The park stairs are adjacent to the playground, making it a wonderful opportunity to honor the little ones in your family. Visit our website to see more about the Stair Campaign. With substantial gifts, benches and park areas can be named.

It brings us joy to think Francisco Park will be the site of many memories – several first “big slides” and first “high swings” – and we look forward to welcoming visitors, of all ages.

Warmest wishes,
Francisco Park Conservancy

Myles Tan Wnao036C6Fm Unsplash