The new Francisco Park would not be possible without champions from city government, non-profit organizations, and the community, as well as our board members and design team.

testimonial6 Leslie Alspach 1

“This will be a gift to the city when the park is built.”

Leslie Alspach
Board President

testimonial11 Virginia Cheung 1

“As a parent, having a park nearby brings peace of mind.”

Virginia Cheung
Wu Yee Children’s Services

testimonial8 Anni Chung 1

“I am here to support the Francisco Park project.”

Anni Chung
Self-Help for the Elderly

testimonial3 Nancy Conner 1

“Parks are critical because they bring people together.”

Nancy Conner
SF Parks Alliance

testimonial10 Katrina Dirksen 1

“It will serve as an anchor for our community.”

Katrina Dirksen
Telegraph Hill Co-operative Preschool

testimonial2 Becky Evans 1

“Contributing to a park is the one of the highest things we can do.”

Becky Evans
Sierra Club

testimonial1 Mark Farrell 1

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Mark Farrell
Former Mayor of San Francisco

testimonial12 David Fletcher 1

“It’s incredible to work with a group of people so dedicated to transforming a piece of infrastructure into a public space.”

David Fletcher
Fletcher Design Studio

testimonial5 Phil Ginsburg 1

“This has been an outstanding partnership.”

Phil Ginsburg
General Manager of SF Recreation and Park Department

testimonial7 Josephine Ma 1

“I am here today to speak in support of the Francisco Park project.”

Josephine Ma
Self-Help for the Elderly

testimonial4 Dr. Joseph Marshall 1

“I can’t think of anything better to do for young people. It’s San Francisco’s park.”

Dr. Joseph Marshall
Alive & Free youth organization

testimonial9 Richard Parker 1

“It came out of a community design process.”

Richard Parker
450 Architects