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Thank you for your continued interest in Francisco Park.

As reported in our last Newsletter, transfer of the reservoir property to the Recreation and Park Department was approved on July 22, 2014, and the agreement was executed effective September 30, 2014.

Our group continues to meet every two weeks to advance the Francisco Park project on four fronts:

  1. LEGAL:
    • We have formed our own non-profit corporation, Francisco Park Conservancy (FPC), and have engaged counsel to assist with tax-exempt filing and the agreement with the City.
    • You will see that a comprehensive survey of the site has begun to evaluate existing conditions. This survey is the critical next step in the park design.
    • Meetings with city departments are being held to obtain needed input on our conceptual plans prior to our seeking public comment.
    • We are pleased to announce that Richard Parker of 450 Architects has been engaged as our lead designer.
    • We endeavor to keep you informed of our progress via these periodic Newsletters.
      If you know someone who would like to receive them in the future, please have them send an email request to [email protected].
    1. We cannot start a public fundraising campaign until we have approval of our donor recognition plan from the Recreation & Park Commission, the budget is updated, and the agreement with the City is in place.
    2. Meanwhile, contributions are needed and welcomed to help pay for up-front costs. You may make your tax-deductible contribution through our fiscal sponsor:
      San Francisco Parks Alliance
      1663 Mission Street, Suite 320
      San Francisco, CA 94103
      Please note on your check that your contribution is for “Francisco Park”
      OR you may donate online through our fiscal sponsor using the Donate button at

We will keep you updated of the overall schedule for the project as it evolves and we learn of the time needed for all agency approvals. Your continued support is so appreciated as we progress with plans for Francisco Park.

Happy Holidays to all!