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Friends of Francisco Park,

The long-awaited opening of Francisco Park is inching closer – and we’re ready! And with this, we’re pleased to share some exciting news with you.

This summer, Francisco Park Conservancy will be sealing and dedicating a time capsule which will be reopened 50 years later in 2071. The time capsule will contain physical objects, as well as a bound book of written submissions. It will focus on a representation of San Francisco in the 2020/2021 era, and will certainly live on as a memorable moment in history.

We have been working with a number of San Francisco schools (both public and private) and youth organizations to collect written submissions from our city’s students. We believe the preservation of their thoughts and experiences from the past year will provide great insight 50 years from now.

We’re inviting community members to share their ideas for the time capsule at, as well as suggesting physical items to be included in the time capsule. We would love for our supporters to participate and leave thoughts of these past few years, and any messages about Francisco Park.

Keep your eye out for updates on the time capsule on our website and social media channels. Suggest ideas by using the hashtag #FPtimecapsule.

Please make your submission by June 15, 2021.

Onward, to making history, from a former abandoned reservoir to a beautiful park, from present day happenings to the realities of 2071.

Thank you for being on this journey!

Warmest wishes,
Francisco Park Conservancy