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Why is Open Space Important in our Area?

San Francisco Public Recreation Access Score Map

  • Topography of our area of North Eastern San Francisco makes flat land rare, yet we are in one of the most densely populated but park-and-open-space deficient areas in all of San Francisco.
  • The National Open Space Standard is 10 acres per 1,000 residents.
  • The City and County of San Francisco’s General Plan supports open space as a high priority
  • San Francisco’s General Plan finds that only 5.5 acres of open space are available in San Francisco per 1,000 residents.
  • Neighborhood Parks Council Green Envy Report (p.11) states that Open Space should be 7.8 acres per 1000 residents (includes privately owned open space and golf courses).
  • Yet 84% of all San Francisco’s recreation/open space is outside of our North Eastern area.
  • By turning the Reservoir into a park, habitat for birds, bees and butterflies has been created, helping the overall urban environment.

San Francisco’s Open Space Gaps

The North East quadrant of the city, which includes the Francisco Reservoir, has few parks and open space areas in spite of having the highest population density in the city.

Green Map - San Francisco Open Space Map