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1 New Render 2020


What a pleasure it is to announce the new 4.5 acre Francisco Park, opening in early 2021! This park — decades in the making — was envisioned, funded, and built by community members in partnership with the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department. They dreamed of transforming the abandoned reservoir into a public park where visitors could interact with nature, gather to picnic, exercise, play, and enjoy the park’s exquisite flora, fauna and peerless views.

With $25M already raised for Francisco Park, we are now launching a public campaign to raise the final $2.5M to complete the park. The campaign gives everyone the opportunity to literally leave their mark through a dedication etched into the park’s Stairs. Visit our website to learn about honoring your family’s legacy, paying tribute to a loved one, or pet through a stair riser. Benches and park areas can also be named.

Your generous support of the park has brought us this far. If you are able to step up further, we would be so grateful!

With anticipation and appreciation,
Vanessa Snow
Francisco Park Campaign Chair

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