Thanks to friends, neighbors, and parks enthusiasts like you, construction of Francisco Park is now 80% complete and we have raised more than 98% of the funds needed to finish the park. With continued support, Francisco Park will open in 2021. Please join our growing group of park heroes by making your most generous donation to the effort.

While your gift at any level is appreciated, there are some incredible recognition opportunities on offer for those interested in dedicating a bench or picnic table or sponsoring a major park feature. Learn more about Francisco Park Recognition Opportunities here.

Will you help us COMPLETE Francisco Park?

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“We are at a tipping point. That is why we decided to support Francisco Park in a meaningful way.”
—Chris Larsen, Leadership Donor

“Francisco Park is for our children and our future generations. There is no better investment.”
—Helen Hilton Raiser, Board Member and Leadership Donor