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Photos: Claudine Gossett

Amazingly, this week marked Francisco Park’s 6-month anniversary! The euphoria of what we accomplished in building Francisco Park together has yet to rub off.

A happy rhythm has formed in the new park with a steady flow of exercisers, dog walkers, tourists, playground visitors, and gardeners all week long, punctuated by parties and gatherings on the weekends.

The plants are starting to fill out in the hillside terrace, and the community garden is burgeoning with colorful plants and flowers.

The July 4th Fireworks and Blue Angels brought crowds to the park this summer. Nearly every square inch of our main lawn was occupied.

Francisco Park recently received ENR California’s 2022 Award for Best Landscape/Urban Development. And the New York Times mentioned us in their San Francisco travel feature in July 2022.

We held our first Steward events – two coffeeklatches, a cocktail party hosted by Anja and Greg Manuel, and a garden tour led by neighbor Tom Gage. We love the community that is forming around the park.

We leave you with a short video that we made to thank all of you for your generous support. We hope this puts a smile on your face.

Blue Angels Fleet Week 2022 229806N

Photo: Al Greening