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Dear friends of Francisco Park,

You might notice some new four-legged friends visiting Francisco Park. 30 goats have joined us for brush control on the southern hill dominated by poison oak and blackberry and will be with us for two weeks. Please feel free to observe them from behind the fence, but do not feed or pet them as it will expose you to the poison oak in their hair. Also, please steer clear of new plantings behind the trellis and throughout the park.

You all have been indispensable in fulfilling the dream of converting the reservoir, abandoned for 70 years, into a public park. The first step was taken way back in 1948 when the community funded the transfer of the hillside parcel where the goats are grazing now, to the San Francisco Parks Commission. The latest step was on April 27, 2022, after a $27M construction effort spanning 7 years, the FPC gifted the completed park to the city of San Francisco. This park was built thanks to the community which stepped up and contributed to conceiving and building it.

That wasn’t the last step. Though the park is finally open, it continues to depend on your support to maintain and improve it over the next 40 years. The park belongs to San Francisco, but the Conservancy’s mission and continuing work is to maintain and improve the park, representing the community’s voice and desires in its future.

Last Saturday July 16th, we were thrilled to host the first Coffeeklatch for our Francisco Park Stewards, friends and neighbors who joined for this convivial gathering. We relished bringing together fellow park enthusiasts and appreciated all the great conversations and feedback about the park now that it’s been open for 3 months. Please join us at our next get-together this Fall!

With warmest wishes, even in the fog,
Francisco Park Conservancy

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